Make: Arduino Electronics Starter Pack

Arduino is a great platform for those new to coding and hardware design, or for the experienced maker looking for a fast way to experiment and create.

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The new dimension of making!

Your user-friendly, accessible UNO just took a quantum leap forward: Arduino UNO R4 is a 32-bit microprocessor offering more speed, memory, connectors and connectivity options than any version of the board before. Out of this world, and into the future. This kit replaces our popular "Getting Started with Arduino Kit".

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Getting Started with Arduino  / Learn Electronics with Arduino 

Using the electronic parts in the kit, along with our best selling Getting Started with Arduino and Learn Electronics with Arduino books, you'll be ready to join the tens of thousands of engineers, designers, artists, and hobbyists who have discovered this incredible educational prototyping and performance platform.

The Make: Arduino Electronics Starter Pack has the electronic components needed to complete projects in both books* and WAY more! Check out 300+ Arduino projects on

What's Included:

  • 1 X Arduino Uno (or Arduino Compatible Clone Board**)
  • 1 X USB Cable
  • 1 X Breadboard
  • 1 X Female to Male Jumper Wires Set
  • 1 X Male to Male Flexible Jumper Wire Set
  • 20 X LEDs (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green)
  • 1 X RGB LED (4-pin Common Cathode)
  • 1 X RGB Color Module
  • 1 X Resistor Set (1K, 10K, 220ohm, 270ohm, 330ohm)
  • 3 X Photoresistors
  • 1 X Potentiometer - 10K
  • 1 X 74HC595 (Shift Register Chip)
  • 1 X IR Remote Control
  • 1 X Infrared Receiver - 1838
  • 1 X LM35 Temperature Sensor (3pin)
  • 1 X Flame Sensor
  • 2 X Ball Tilt Switch - SW-520D
  • 5 X Momentary Key Buttons
  • 1 X 4*4 Matrix Button Keypad Module
  • 1 X Single Digit Segment Display
  • 1 X Four Digit Segment Display
  • 1 X 8*8 Dot Matrix Module
  • 1 X Stepper Motor Driver Board
  • 1 X Stepper Motor
  • 2 X 9g Mini Servos
  • 1 X I2C 1602 LCD
  • 1 X Thumb Joystick Module
  • 1 X Temperature (Thermistor) Module
  • 1 X Water Sensor Module
  • 2 X Mini Piezo Speaker/Buzzer
  • 1 X Sound Detector Module
  • 1 X Relay Module
  • 1 X RFID Reader Module
  • 1 X RFID Keychain Fob
  • 1 X RFID Smart Card
  • 1 X DS1302 Real-Time Clock Module w/Battery Holder
  • 4 X 40-Pin Headers (various colors
  • 1 X 9V Battery Snap w/ 2.1mm Barrel Connector
  • 1 X 9V Battery Snap w/ leads

What You'll Need (Not Included):

  • Computer w/ USB port and online access 
  • Download Arduino’s software onto your computer from
  • 9V battery (optional)
  • Digital Multimeter w/removable leads

What's an Arduino anyway?

Bridging the gap between the "real world" and your computer, the Arduino is your starting point into the world of physical computing, for making computers that can sense and control things in the physical world. It's an open source physical computing platform based on a simple microcontroller board, and a development environment for writing software for the board. 

Arduino is an open-source hardware and software platform that can take inputs, such as the press of a button, and use these inputs to control an output, like making a motor spin or buzzer buzz. From beginner projects, like making multiple LEDs blink at one time, to more complex ideas, like creating a mind controlled robot, Arduino is a great platform for those new to coding and hardware design, and for the experienced maker looking for a fast way to experiment and create.

If you were redirected here from the Getting Started with Arduino kit page, you have landed in the right place, this kit is it's direct replacement for the parts in the featured projects* in Getting Started with Arduino. It also includes parts for projects in the Learn Electronics with Arduino book and enough extra components to keep you going further with Arduino!

*Excludes Getting Started with Arduinos' Chpt.8 - Automatic Garden Irrigation System specific parts

**An Arduino Compatible Clone Board is an open source copy of the official Arduino board and has all the same capabilities and functions, just at a cheaper price point.