Atari Punk Console Kit

Atari Punk Console Kit
Atari Punk Console Kit
Atari Punk Console Kit

Atari Punk Console Kit

Transform any ordinary container into an amazing sound-making device.


Originally designed by DIY electronics guru Forrest Mims III as the "Stepped Tone Generator," the Atari Punk Console is one of the most famous and recognizable Lo-Fi synth circuits ever. Using a single 556 dual timer IC, the Atari Punk Console circuit is a reliable, time-tested noise generator with outrageous capabilities! Perfect for synth nut dads to make with their kids, or for any curious maker. Learn what different waveforms sound like and practice your soldering skills while making this fun sound generator. You can put it into your own case, too! 

Key Features

  • Few parts makes it ideal for beginners
  • Dual power supplies: use a 9V battery or save money on batteries with an AC Adapter rated at 5-12V 200mA Center Negative polarity. DC Jack allows for power switching so that battery power is only enabled when there is no AC Adapter plugged in. 
  • Control Voltage (CV) input allows step sequencers and waveform generators to expand the sonic capabilities of the Atari Punk Console from drone to arpeggio-like dynamism. Use any variable voltage source from 0-Supply Voltage for some fun glitchy sounds! 
  • 3 potentiometer controls - Pulse, Width, and Frequency contour the tone while the Volume control sets your output just right. 
  • Uses 1/4" instrument jacks. 

What's in the Box

  • SPST on/off switch
  • Mono jack - out, CV1, CV2
  • DC jack
  • 9V battery clip
  • Wire (5 ft)
  • PCB
  • Resistor (x4)
  • Capacitor (x5)
  • Diode (x2)
  • Integrated circuit (x2)
  • Potentiometer (x3)

What You'll Need

  • Soldering iron and solder
  • Pliers/wire cutters/strippers 
  • Case (optional - mint tin works well)
  • 9V battery
  • Note: This item requires soldering

Product Documentation / User Guide

Assembly Instructions
Bill of Materials

Meet the Maker

In their own words, "We are a small company based out of Portland, OR, devoted to bringing unique and interesting circuits to the world. We are constantly developing and perfecting our circuits to take audio synthesis to a new level while keeping it affordable for the DIY musician. Whether you want to feel the satisfaction of soldering your own circuits or creating your own signature sound, we’re here to make it a reality."