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BADGEr E-ink Badge - Arduino Compatible

BADGEr E-ink Badge - Arduino Compatible

Customize your badge by showing off pictures, creative things to say and your name.

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Product #: MKWY2

The BADGEr E-Ink Badge is an Arduino Compatible mini EPaper display. It's great for displaying non-moving black and white images and pictures. These were used at the Open Source Hardware Summit for attendees to use as a name tag. The badges are completely hackable and include a 2GB SD card with a pre-programmed picture album. They come pre-assembled and ready to use.
Electronic paper display (EPD)
Arduino compatible - Powered by an ATMEGA328
Can be used as an Arduino shield
4 user programmable buttons
Multiple power options - 2450 coincell, JST connector for LiPo battery, Barrel jack [not populated] (7-12V), Lanyard terminals (7-12V)
Multiple Interfaces - Arduino Shield, FTDI, ISP, I2C.
  • Fully compatible with Arduino, including Arduino shields
  • Plugs in to Raspberry Pi GPIO header
  • Voltage safe — bidirectional translator automagically converts between 3.3V for Raspberry Pi and 5V for Arduino
  • Same form factor as Raspberry Pi
  • 5V Micro-USB socket for Power In
  • Servo Headers along with GND and 5V headers for easy connection of 3 wire servos
  • Micro-SD card for data storage and Arduino use
  • High precision RTC chip with coin battery. Possible to set time on Raspberry Pi without internet connection
  • Convenient headers for FTDI, ICSP, Analog Reference (3V3 or 5VO), GPS module
  • Can be powered independently, or via the Raspberry Pi 5V supply
  • Please note: Soldering of the headers is required.