Big Bad Beetlebot Kit


Big Bad Beetlebot Kit
Big Bad Beetlebot Kit

Big Bad Beetlebot Kit

Make a quick and basic obstacle-avoiding robot with this no-soldering-required kit.

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Product #: MKSB019B

Make a quick and solderless Big Bad Beetlebot. Put it together with a screwdriver, then watch it zoom and smartly bounce off things in its way. No microcontrollers, ICs, or transistors are used. Two switches cleverly wired together form the brains of this robot, as featured as a popular MAKE magazine and project. Choose from 2 colors, red or blue.

Simple screw-together mechanical construction (we even included the screwdriver!)
Plug-in wiring
Sturdy, preformed wire sensors
Laser-cut acrylic shell
Detailed construction manual with large, clear graphics
4 AAA Needed but not included
Body measures 4" x 4.5" x 1.25" (We said it was big!)

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