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Color Organ Triple Deluxe II Kit


Color Organ Triple Deluxe II Kit
Color Organ Triple Deluxe II Kit
Color Organ Triple Deluxe II Kit

Color Organ Triple Deluxe II Kit

Watch the LEDs flash to your music with this simple soldering kit.


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Product #: MKLA3

The Color Organ Triple Deluxe II Kit is the return of the classic color organ of the 70s using LEDs. Color Organs divide sound wave into three bands; low, mid, & high and flash the LEDs to the beat. This kit uses all discrete transistor circuitry for authentic モsound to lightヤ function ヨ no ICs, no microcontrollers.


Soldering is required, although assembly is very straightforward and beginner-friendly.
Kit Contents: 3x 47 ohm 6x 150 ohm 2x 270 ohm 1x 470 ohm 2x 1k ohm 2x 4.7k ohm 4x 10k ohm 3x 270k ohm 1x 1.2M ohm 1x 10k ohm potentiometer 1x 4.7nF (0.0047uF) 2x 22nF (0.022uF) 1x 0.22uF EC 1x 1uF EC 3x 4.7uF EC 1x 10 uF EC 16V or higher 1x 47uF EC 16V or higher 8x MPS2222A or Equivalent 18x LED (6x red, 6x green, and 6x blue) 1x 3.5mm Stereo Jack 1x DC Power Jack
You'll need a 12V DC power supply (300mA or higher current capacity) to operate Color Organ Triple Deluxe II. Use of a regulated power supply is recommended, since non-regulated AC adaptors typically produce output voltage much higher than they are rated. (Typical モ12Vヤ non-regulated AC adaptors can output about 18V.) If you want to use one of those, make sure to measure the actual output voltage, and only use it if the voltage is lower than 15V. (Try 9V rated ones.)

If you'd like to be able to hear the music you're playing while watching the Color Organ flash to the beat, you'll need an audio splitter as well.