Defusable Alarm Clock Kit

Defusable Alarm Clock Kit
Defusable Alarm Clock Kit
Defusable Alarm Clock Kit
Defusable Alarm Clock Kit
Defusable Alarm Clock Kit

Defusable Alarm Clock Kit

Use your imagination and the electronics included in this clock kit to build a defusable alarm clock.




The Defusable Clock kit is an electronics kit that lets you build a scary looking clock that you can actually "defuse". Only the electronics are included -- you use your imagination to build the device you want! Use modeling clay, paper towel tubes, stuffed animals, etc!

The Defusable Clock is a fully-functional alarm clock just like you'd expect (a normal beeping alarm, snooze alarm, etc.). But at any time you can press the big red button to start a scary countdown sequence exactly like bombs in Hollywood movies. There are four wires across the top of the clock and you have 10 seconds to cut the correct wire; one wire stops the countdown, one saves the day, and two have no effect. The wires are randomly chosen every time the button is pressed for a new challenge every time. (The wires are held in with screw terminals for easy replacement, or just leave them a little loose so you can just pull out the wire.)

Basic soldering is required for this kit. 9V (200ma min) power adapter required but not included.

(This kit is just a clock with some wires. Please do not display it / use it such a way that would cause people to panic. It is intended strictly for novelty! Use at your own discretion!)

Full featured alarm clock w/snooze. Two alarm modes (normal and countdown) Time stored in EEPROM (keeps time after brief power interruptions) Big, scary DET button starts countdown sequence. Screw terminals allow easy wire replacement (or leave loose to just pull the wires out) ATmega 328 with Arduino bootloader for easy hacking Requires 9V (200ma min) power adapter.

Usage Guide

Setting the Time

To set the time, simply press the HOUR and MIN buttons. You can hold the buttons to make the numbers advance automatically. When setting the hour, the LED marked PM will indicate that the hour is PM. (The PM LED is only lit when setting the time and alarm because it is quite bright and distracting.)

Setting the Alarm

Hold down the ALARM button (lower left corner of board), then use the HOUR and MIN buttons to set the alarm time. The LED marked PM indicates if the alarm time is PM.

There are 3 alarm modes, OFF, ON, and DEFUSE. To cycle through the alarm modes, hold the ALARM button, then press the large red DET button. Two LEDs indicate which mode the alarm is in. One LED is near the ALARM button, the other is near the large red DET button.

LED indicatorsalarm behavior
alarm OFFalarm LED off, DET LED offalarm is off
alarm ON (normal mode)alarm LED on, DET LED offalarm will beep
alarm ON (defuse mode)alarm LED on, DET LED onalarm will beep a few times, then 10 second countdown sequence begins

Turning off the Ringing Alarm

When the alarm is beeping (normal mode), turn the alarm off by pressing the alarm button.

For snooze, press the red DET button. Alarm will ring again in 9 minutes.

If you are using the "defuse" alarm mode, you can try to defuse the clock by cutting the right wire. Otherwise, the 10 second countdown will reach 0 and the device will "detonate".

Starting the Countdown Sequence

Press the red DET button to start a 10 second countdown sequence. If you want the countdown length to be longer, press the HOUR and MIN buttons before releasing the DET button. You can set the countdown to be up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds.

During the countdown, choose the correct wire to defuse the device. One wire stops the countdown safely, two have no effect, and one will cause the device to detonate immediately. The role of each wire is assigned randomly each time the DET button is pressed.

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