Drum Kit Kit for Arduino


Drum Kit Kit for Arduino
Drum Kit Kit for Arduino
Drum Kit Kit for Arduino

Drum Kit Kit for Arduino

Dust off your soldering iron and make some phat beats with your Arduino. Bang, Clash, Crash!!

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Product #: MKSKL2

The Drum Kit Kit lets you turn your Arduino into a drum kit. Imagine the fun you could have building a drum kit and then rocking the house! The kit contains the electronic parts required to make a drum kit, including the circuit board, resistors, diodes, and pins. You supply the Arduino and the material to make the actual drum pads. Below you'll find easy instructions on how to make traditional-looking drum pads, but you could also stick the piezos (the part that senses the hits on the drum) to many different surfaces. Imagine playing your desk, lamp, and telephone, and rocking the cubicle!
6x 1M (megohm) resistors 6x Zener diodes 4x piezo elements 1x 2-pin Male header 1x 6-pin Male header 1x Drum Kit Kit printed circuit board
Other material needed but not included:
  • Wire to connect piezos (speaker-style wire is OK)
  • Foam
  • Mouse pad
  • Auto body thin metal sheet
  • Spray glue and epoxy (or hot glue)
  • Solder
  • Tape or heat-shrink tubing
  • Arduino microcontroller
  • Complete instructions for the Drum Kit Kit are here.