FaireBot Arduino Robot Shield

FaireBot Arduino Robot Shield
FaireBot Arduino Robot Shield
FaireBot Arduino Robot Shield

FaireBot Arduino Robot Shield

FaireBot is a unique Arduino robotics shield with everything you need to turn your Arduino into a capable two-wheeled robot in less than 15 minutes!


A satisfying, beginner and kid-friendly introduction into robotics and programming, the FaireBot is an accessible entry into Arduino-based robotics in just a few steps. Intuitive on-device push button programming and indicator lights and a no-soldering-involved assembly make this a perfect project for inspiring budding makers.


Once you've mastered the basics (the button are: Turn Left, Turn Right, Forward, Backwards and Execute), you can set up simple mazes for your FaireBot to navigate, and increase the complexity of the programming sequences. Got that one down? Try racing two Fairebots, side by side, thru mirrored mazes. Attach touch or acoustic sensors to the FaireBot and have it navigate a maze autonomously!


By integrating all of the components necessary for robotic motion onto one circuit board, the FaireBot replaces costly educational robotics platforms. Designed as an ultra-low cost platform for learning and teaching Arduino based robots, the ‘Bot is great for exploring the fundamentals of robotics both inside and outside the classroom.


Attach a pen or other writing tool to the ¾” standoff found at the back of the robot you can have it draw as it moves! As a drawing robot, the FaireBot lets you explore the effect of code on the path of the robot. Teach your robot to write your name!


Watch the video to see just how easy it is to get this multi-directional robot built, programmed, running, and re-programmed - a great first robotics platform for young makers, the Fairebot is a satisfying, curiosity-provoking project requiring little assistance for kids as young as 10.


Note: This product requires an Arduino to operate. Arduino Not Included.

What's Included?
  • 1 x 9V battery holder
  • 5 x cable ties
  • 2 x party balloons
  • 1 x battery clip
  • 2 x continuous rotation servos
  • 2 x circular servo horns
  • 2 x servo horn screws (BE CAUTIOUS these are small!)
  • 1 x 3/4″ standoff
  • 1 x 6-32 screw
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