Adafruit FLORA GPS Starter Pack

Adafruit FLORA GPS Starter Pack

Wear your blinking, LED heart on your sleeve! This 1.75-inch diameter wearable electronic platform is based on ease of utilization.


Get started with the Adafruit Flora platform with this starter kit. Included are plenty of parts to make several fun projects! The Starter Pack includes

  • Flora motherboard
  • GPS module that can also perform location datalogging
  • 8 ultra-bright chainable RGB pixels
  • Battery holder
  • Batteries
  • 2 types of stainless steel thread
  • Alligator clips
  • USB cable
  • Additional parts to make a wearable remote control (or TV-B-Gone!)
  • NPN transistors, long range IR LEDs, and matching resistors

It's the best way to get started with wearable electronics today!
  • FLORA main board
  • Flora Wearable Ultimate GPS module
  • Eight Flora RGB Smart Pixels
  • 3xAAA Battery holder with JST connector and on/off switch
  • Stainless Thin Conductive Thread - 2 ply - 25 meter/85 ft
  • Stainless Medium Conductive Thread - 3 ply - 18 meter/60 ft
  • Needle set with 20 pieces
  • Small Alligator Clip Test Lead (set of 12)
  • USB cable - A/MiniB - 3ft
  • 4x Alkaline AAA batteries
  • 2x NPN Bipolar Transistors (PN2222)
  • 2x Super-bright 5mm IR LEDs
  • 2x 100-ohm resistors