LED Ring Kit


LED Ring Kit
LED Ring Kit
LED Ring Kit

LED Ring Kit


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The eTextile LED Ring Kit is a great introduction to the wide world of wearable electronics … More>

Product #: MKAZ01

This kit includes everything you need to make a wearable, LED ring featuring a fading RGB LED. Making custom wearables requires a mastery of skills from engineering to programming to fashion design, and we think the eTextile LED Ring kit is a great first step.

During the assembly process, you'll learn how to assemble a soft circuit, how to sew by hand, how to use conductive thread, how to make your own eTextile design, and some basic electronics.

What are eTextiles? Electronic-Textiles, or "soft circuits", are the fusion of electronic circuits and any type of cloth. Using conductive thread as sewable 'wiring' along with electronic components, you can create all kinds of wearable electronics, including devices that monitor your vital signs, track your activity, interact with your smartphone, the internet and more!
This kit includes an RGB LED, fabric, conductive thread, a needle, a 3V coincell battery, a PCB battery holder, velcro and finishing tape.