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Make: Basic Arduino Projects, 1Ed


Make: Basic Arduino Projects, 1Ed
Make: Basic Arduino Projects, 1Ed

Make: Basic Arduino Projects, 1Ed

The companion book to our popular Ultimate Arduino Microcontroller Pack, this book details over 25 different projects.

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Product #: 9781449360665

Make: Basic Arduino Projects, the companion book to our Ultimate Arduino Microcontroller Pack, provides 26 clearly explained projects that you can build with this top-selling kit right away—including multicolor flashing lights, timers, tools for testing circuits, sound effects, motor control, and sensor devices.

With the Ultimate Arduino Microcontroller kit, you'll find everything from common components such as resistors and capacitors to specialized sensors and actuators like force-sensing resistors and motors. The kit also features the Arduino Uno Microcontroller and a MakerShield, the definitive prototyping shield for Arduino.

  • Build 30 cool mini Arduino projects and gadgets
  • Work on projects that are both instructive and have practical application
  • Get circuit diagrams and detailed instructions for building each project
  • Understand circuit design and simulation with easy-to-use tools