Orion Delta 3D Printer


Orion Delta 3D Printer
Orion Delta 3D Printer
Orion Delta 3D Printer

Orion Delta 3D Printer



The Orion Delta 3D Printer is SeemeCNC's first pre-built desktop 3D printer to prototype and print parts!

Product #: MKSMC01

The Orion Delta 3D Printer by SeeMeCNC is perfect if you are ready to get down to designing and printing with your very own amazing 3D Printer. Not only does it look great sitting on your desk, it has some great features to go with it!

Being a Delta-style 3D Printer, the Orion can reliably and accurately build parts, without ever moving the build platform or part itself. Due to the construction and linear motion of all three axes, the machine can move quickly in the X, Y, or Z direction.

Check out our selection of high quality 1.75 mm PLA, or ABS Filament

Note: This product comes exclusively in black

Up-front LCD panel to show you the status of your print On-board SD card (included) for storing up to 4GB of print files (that's an average of appx. 2700 prints!!!) Heated build platform High Speed positioning (up to 200mm/s) High precision with than 50 micron accuracy Prints in ABS, PLA, PVA and more such as Tualman Nylons and T-Glase 6" diameter by up to 9" tall build volume Comes standard with a .5mm nozzle

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