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Orion Delta 3D Printer


Orion Delta 3D Printer
Orion Delta 3D Printer
Orion Delta 3D Printer

Orion Delta 3D Printer

The Orion Delta 3D Printer is SeemeCNC's first pre-built desktop 3D printer, with great looks and high-res prints!


Product #: MKSMC01

The Orion Delta 3D Printer is SeemeCNC's first pre-built desktop 3D printer. The circular build platform allows the Orion to print a symmetrical object along both the length and the width (unlike most rectangular bed printers,) while the control of the printing extruder via a pulley-and-wire system gives greater precision for a higher resolution print. 


The Orion ships fully assembled and pre-calibrated, a ready to print machine capable of ABS, PLA and most other filaments. It ships standard with a heated bed, LCD control panel and SD card for PC free printing.


Check out our selection of high quality 1.75 mm PLA, or ABS Filament

Note: This product comes exclusively in black

Up-front LCD panel to show you the status of your print On-board SD card (included) for storing up to 4GB of print files (that's an average of appx. 2700 prints!!!) Heated build platform High Speed positioning (up to 200mm/s) High precision with than 50 micron accuracy Prints in ABS, PLA, PVA and more such as Tualman Nylons and T-Glase 6" diameter by up to 9" tall build volume Comes standard with a .5mm nozzle

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