Practice Handcuff


Practice Handcuff
Practice Handcuff

Practice Handcuff

Learn to pick a real handcuff with a paperclip! This awesome lock picking device is a great way to improve skills and practice advanced lock picking techniques.

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Product #: MKSD03

The Practice Handcuff gives a clear look at the mechanics of standard handcuffs. A see-through edge allows you to see the inner workings of single and double locks and adjust your technique accordingly. Great for novice lock pickers, Practice Handcuffs are an awesome way to test new and unconventional skills. Practice makes perfect so get to pickin'!


Practice Handcuff includes:

  • One real 'Cuff!

  • 2 handcuff keys

One real 'Cuff!
Clear acrylic window lets you see the workings
Includes 2 handcuff keys