PrintrBot Simple Maker's 3D Printer


PrintrBot Simple Maker's 3D Printer
PrintrBot Simple Maker's 3D Printer

PrintrBot Simple Maker's 3D Printer

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The Printrbot Simple is an exercise in minimalism, and an inexpensive entry into 3D Printing. Build your first 3D printer!

Product #: DSPB4-14KIT

The Printrbot Simple kit is an exercise in 3d printing minimalism. It includes only what is needed to get started in the world of 3D printing, without spending a bundle. The Simple has a small footprint and is capable of printing up to a 4" cube using PLA filament (1.75mm.) Available in both kit form for those who enjoy building, and assembled form for those that just want to get printing.

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Check out our selection of high quality 1.75 mm PLA Filament
0.1mm resolution (and beyond)
100mm cube of printing volume (~4″ cube)
Printrboard electronics
PLA only (no heat bed)
Ubis 1.75mm Hotend
200lb. test fishing line – the X & Y “belts”
12v 6A laptop style power supply
Outer dimensions: 7″ x 8″ x 9″
8.7lb total weight
1/2 lb 1.75mm PLA filament
Fan and end stop upgrades included.
Uses 1.75mm PLA 1KG Spooled Filament