ProtoShield for Arduino Nano v3.0

ProtoShield for Arduino Nano v3.0

Prototype your Arduino ideas with handy dandy shield.


The ProtoShield for Arduino Nano allows you to mount a v3 or earlier Arduino Nano onto a prototyping shield, or use it with most standard shields. All the pins are brought out for easy access, and it includes (2) on-board LEDs and a switch.

Note: Kit does not include the Arduino Nano (v3) - this is just the prototyping shield.
Let's you stack standard Arduino headers onto your Nano
All pins on the Arduino Nano are brought out to easy to access places Mount shields above or below - after all, you may want the protoboard on the top
Mini breadboard for project work SOIC pad
Power rails down the middle of the prototyping area.
  • 1x Printed circuit board
  • 1x Mini-Breadboard
  • 1x Red LED
  • 2x Capacitors
  • 8x Female headers
  • 4x Extra long pin female headers for stacking
  • Detailed step by step assembly instructions are online here.

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