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Robo Link A


Robo Link A
Robo Link A

Robo Link A

Use building blocks and motor to make five different robots - a great learning tool!


Product #: MKAR15

Robo Link A allows you to create five different robots with the 72 included blocks and motor. Robo Link is a great learning tool for beginner robotics and education, demonstrating how gears and linkages transmit force and motion. The completed bots toddle charmingly across your home or classroom.

  • Remake them as many times as you want!
  • A gear box, wheels, connectors and battery holder are connected simply by pushing one part into the other!
  • Choose from 4 different gear ratios!
Construction manual included. 

Please note: batteries are not included.

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  • 22 page Instruction and Project Manuel
  • 72 Pieces
  • 5 Models
  • 1 Motor