Telegraph Decoder Kit by Spikenzie Labs

Telegraph Decoder Kit by Spikenzie Labs

Make like a Spy and dot-dot-dash your way to the secrets of the universe with our telegraph decoder kit.


This kit is a fun, educational way to learn Morse code and soldering. Some say the telegraph is a thing of the past, but Spikenzie Labs dusted off the design and brought it back to the present! This kit blends a nostalgic telegraph style keyer with an Arduino based decoder. As you successfully key in letters they are shown on a 16 segment alpha-numeric LED display. Two LEDs flash indicating 'dots' or 'dashes' and a piezo provides audio feedback for the telegraph. After a pause, the display flashes back the last set of characters received.


Since you can re-program the chip with the Arduino IDE, you can hack it for additional functionality (like hooking it up to a ham tranceiver or sending automated messages.) Another well done, great looking kit by Spikenzie Labs!
Laser cut acrylic keyer, 17 segment alphanumeric LED display Dot and dash indicators Piezo speaker (with mute jumper) Pre-programmed with Arduino bootloader

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