ThingM Blink(1)


ThingM Blink(1)
ThingM Blink(1)
ThingM Blink(1)
ThingM Blink(1)

ThingM Blink(1)


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The blink(1) is a USB indicator light designed to be simple, flexible, and robust.

Product #: MKTNC7

The ThingM Blink(1) is a USB indicator light designed to be simple, flexible, and robust. It fits into the USB 1.0/2.0 port on nearly every device so you can connect cloud data sources or events on your computer to a full-color LED and know what's happening.



  • pulse when someone mentions you on Twitter
  • glow red if your computer's CPU is slammed
  • flash when a web page has changed
  • show the status of your continuous integration build
  • display multiple information sources simultaneously
  • work in parallel with as many other blink(1)s as you have USB ports
  • works with IFTTT
  • …and hundreds of other things!
  • FAQ
  • Q. Wait, so this is just an RGB LED with a USB connector in a case?
    A.Yes, and it's the most flexible and easiest to use one, anywhere. To make it all work, there's also a tiny USB controller with our firmware to make it easy to program and control, but basically yes.
  • Q. Which computers does blink(1) work with?
    A. Just about anything with a USB jack. Specifically, blink(1) is a USB HID-compliant device and the apps we release for it work on Mac OS X 10.6+, Windows XP+, Ubuntu/Debian-style Linux. The command-line tools can be compiled for just about any POSIX-compliant Unix-style platform including the Raspberry Pi, DD-WRT WiFi routers, BeagleBone, and some Android phones.
  • Q. Can I hook it to my Twitter?
    A. Yep! Our BlinkATweet app lets you control blink(1) based on Twitter keyword search or Twitter user post.
  • Q. What other web apps does blink(1) work with?
    A. At launch we plan on having blink(1) work with Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and throughIFTTT.com, Boxcar.io many other web services.
  • Q. Can I control it from my phone?
    A. Yes! If your phone can load a web page it can control blink(1). The blink(1) service on your computer can appear as a password-protected web app for your phone or any other network enabled device.
  • Q. Is blink(1) hackable?
    A. Definitely. We're working to make the enclosure openable so you can get at the circuit board. And if you know Arduino or AVR programming, you can modify how blink(1) functions. blink(1) can be programmed with the Arduino IDE. We will include example hacks of how to turn the blink(1) into a USB keyboard and mouse emulator.