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Tiny Wanderer Complete Kit


Tiny Wanderer Complete Kit
Tiny Wanderer Complete Kit
Tiny Wanderer Complete Kit
Tiny Wanderer Complete Kit

Tiny Wanderer Complete Kit

This kit's perceptive little blue android is an excellent introduction to robot building.

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Product #: MSTW01

Want to delve a little deeper into a microcontroller's internal workings? This project is for you.


Tiny Wanderer Complete Kit - Originally built as a training robot for a lecture series conducted by the Dallas Personal Robotics Group, it has since been featured in MAKE, Volume 29 and has proved to be an excellent introduction into robot building.

The robot's controller is an AVR ATTINY microprocessor. It perceives the world using sensors made from low cost and easy to obtain discrete phototransistors and IR LEDs. Tiny Wanderer's code employs a programming construct called a state machine to govern its behavior. Our complete kit contains everything you need to build the Tiny Wanderer, including all the laser cut parts.

Got your own laser cutter? Lucky! Check out our Tiny Wanderer Parts Pack and cut your own plastic parts.


Kit contents:

Robot Hardware

(20) 5/8 inch #4 screws
(18) 3/8 inch #4 screws
(22) #4 washers
(38) #4 nuts
(2) Small tie wraps
(1) O-Ring for inline skate wheel
(2) Skate bearings
(2) 1 inch long 5/16 inch bolts
(2) 5/16 inch nuts
(2) 12.5 inch pieces of 0.175 inch window screen spline
(2) Servo - Large Full Rotation

Electronics PCB

(1) Power switch
(1) 0.1 uF capacitor
(1) 100 uF capacitor (it can be a larger capacitive value)
(1) Diode
(1) 10K ohm resistor
(1) 150 ohm resistor
(2) 100K ohm resistor
(1) Single row .1ヤ pins (20pins)
(1) Female single row 8 pin connector (cut in two to make plugs for sesnors)
(1) AVR ATtiny 85
(1) 8 pin socket .3ヤ
(1) PCB 3 in 1 - Main board with two break off sensor boards
(2) Ribbon cable 3 conductor 10ヤ
(1) 4x AA Battery holder
(1) Shrink tubing ~ 1ヤ

Laser Cut Plastic Parts

(1) Base
(2) Sides
(2) Wheels
(2) Shelf side brackets
(1) Shelf Riser
(1) Sensor shelf
(2) Long sensor arm
(2) Short sensor arm
(1) Cross bar
(2) Caster sides
(1) Caster base
(1) Bearing retainer (large hole)
(1) Bearing retainer (small hole)
(8) Small plastic washers
(4) Large plastic washers

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