TOOOL Emergency Lockpick Card


TOOOL Emergency Lockpick Card
TOOOL Emergency Lockpick Card

TOOOL Emergency Lockpick Card

This handy tool set fits in your wallet and can be quickly snapped apart when the need arises.

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Product #: MKLP02

The TOOOL Emergency Lockpick Cards are perfect. Ever locked your keys inside of your house or had a friend hand you a padlock to see if you could open it? If only you had a lock-pick set with you to show off your mad picking skills.

Thanks to The Open Organisation of Lockpickers (TOOOL) and their ISO Standard Emergency Pick Card, there's no need to worry! This handy lock-picking tool set will fit in your wallet next to your other cards and can be quickly snapped apart when a situation arises. After the tools have been removed you can put the tension wrenches in your wallet and put the lock picks on your key chain, ready for your next emergency.

The length of the pick handles are shortened compared to the Beginners Blend so they will fit the ISO (IEC_7813) Compliant standard, but the working ends of all the pick tools are completely standard size so you can pick almost any pin tumbler lock!

Note: Once you snap the TOOOL Emergency Pick Card apart, it does not go back together in its original form. However, it does retain full functionality as a lock pick set.

  • Short Hook
  • Gonzo Hook
  • Half Snowman
  • Half Diamond Pick
  • Snake Rake
  • Long Rimple
  • 5 Assorted Torsion Wrenches