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Lockpick School in a Box


Lockpick School in a Box
Lockpick School in a Box
Lockpick School in a Box

Lockpick School in a Box

Master pin-tumbler lock picking with the Lock Picking School in a Box!


Product #: MKSD01

Lock Picking School in a Box! For years, we've said that the easiest way to learn the art of locksmithing is to begin by removing a few pin sets from a lock, and one by one, add them back as your picking skills improve. Now, we're pleased to offer our "Locksmith School in a Box" to help the beginning locksmith develop all the skills needed to master pin-tumbler lock picking. The set includes five lock cylinders, the first of which has a single pin set in place, with each lock becoming progressively more difficult, the last lock containing a full number of pin sets. Also included are 4 picks, 1 tension tool, and the instructional book, "Easy Pickings". This "Progressive Learning System" is a proven method of learning.

  • 5 locks
  • 1 key
  • 4 picks,
  • 1 tension tool
  • Instructional Manual
  • Attractive wooden stand
  • TOOOL (The Open Organization Of Lockpickers) Instructional Slide Show : These slides are a brief introduction talk which conveys the basics about how pin tumbler locks work and how lockpicking is possible.

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