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Homemade electronics! Build a PiPad, camera obscura, or open-source laptop.

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Intel’s brand-new Arduino-compatible development board featuring Intel architecture.

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2.8" TFT Touch Shields For Arduino 3DR Iris Make: Electronics Book Typhoon ARF Quadcopter Kits
3DR Iris
Our Price: $729.99
Make: Electronics Book
Our Price: $34.99
Sale Price: $19.99
Typhoon ARF Quadcopter Kit
Our Price: $455.99
Spice up your Arduino project with a beautiful large touchscreen display shield with built…  More>

3DR Iris is perfect for any aerial imaging application, with a compact and durable design…  More>

This book will make you want to lick a battery! That will actually be the first assignment…  More>

This Quadcopter Kit is durable, it can handle rough flight and looks great in the air.…  More>

3DR Quadcopter Kit Arduino Cookbook 2nd Edition EL-Wire Starter Packs - 10ft Zen Toolworks 7x12 CNC Milling Package
Arduino Cookbook 2nd Edition
Our Price: $44.99
Sale Price: $19.99
This Quad kit is an autonomous, robotic platform that's great for aerial photography or  …  More>

Begin, enhance and expand your interactive projects with the recipes found in this 2nd Edi…  More>

EL-Wire give off a neon like-glow without generating heat or deadly high voltages.   …  More>

Need a small CNC machine but don't want to compromise on quality or reliability? …  More>

Mousebot Kits littleBits Synth Kit MAKE: Complete eBook Collection (PDFs) Makey Makey Standard Kits
Mousebot Kits
Our Price: $39.99
littleBits Synth Kit
Our Price: $159.99
MAKE Complete eBook Collection (PDFs)
Our Price: $373.99
Sale Price: $263.99
Makey Makey Standard Kit
Our Price: $49.99
This light-chasing robot kit is easy-to-solder — a great learning project for beginners  …  More>

This powerful, easy to use, modular synthesizer was developed in collaboration with KORG.…  More>

The Make: Complete eBook Collection (PDF) is exactly what it sounds like. It's enough DIY …  More>

Turn nearly anything into a game controller or computer key with this cool device …  More>

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