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Homemade electronics! Build a PiPad, camera obscura, or open-source laptop.

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Intel’s brand-new Arduino-compatible development board featuring Intel architecture.

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Felix 3.0 3D Printer Kits Learn To Solder Kits Sparki - Make Edition Color Organ Triple Deluxe II Kit
Felix 3.0 3D Printer Kit
Our Price: $1,749.99
Learn To Solder Kit
Our Price: $18.99
Sparki - Make Edition
Our Price: $149.99
The New Felix 3D Printer Kit boasts over 500 cubic inches of print volume, and a resolution of…  More>

Construct a flashing European-style siren while honing your soldering skills with this kit   …  More>

Ready to dive into robotics? Meet Sparki - He's a cute Arduino robot that's easy and fun to use!…  More>

Watch the colors flash to the rhythm of the music with this simple soldering kit based on the…  More>

Composimold Setting You Up For Success Molding Kit Ice Tube Clock Kits Cubelets 6pc Robotics Kit w/Charger Push Button Programmable Robot Kit
Our Price: $59.99
Ice Tube Clock Kit
Our Price: $84.99
Make your own molds to duplicate 3D objects with reusable Composimold! Setting You Up for Succ…  More>

This old-meets-new clock’s centerpiece is a Russian, 9 digit, vacuum florescent display…  More>

Cubelets is a robotics construction kit that makes it fun and easy to create complex robots! …  More>

Assemble, and Learn to program and guide your robot through a course of your own design. …  More>

Typhoon ARF Quadcopter Kits ShopBot Desktop Packages Raspberry Pi Model B, Revision 2.0 PING))) Ultrasonic Sensors
Typhoon ARF Quadcopter Kit
Our Price: $455.99
ShopBot Desktop Packages
Our Price: $5,539.99
PING))) Ultrasonic Sensor
Our Price: $29.99
This Quadcopter Kit is durable, it can handle rough flight and looks great in the air.…  More>

Machine items from plastic, wood, or other materials with this CNC digital fabrication tool…  More>

Do word-processing, create spreadsheets, and more with this credit-card sized computer …  More>

Perfect for any application that requires you to perform measurements between moving or st…  More>

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