TOOOL Beginners 12-Piece Lockpicking Blend Set

TOOOL Beginners 12-Piece Lockpicking Blend Set

This 12-piece tool TOOOL set opens a variety of pin tumbler locks. Comes in a reusable plastic case.

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Product #: MKLP03

Want to learn the art of picking locks? This beginner's set by TOOOL (The Open Organization Of Lock-pickers) contains 12 hand-picked tools that will enable you to open the majority of pin tumbler locks in use today. Picks are made in the USA from high quality spring steel and come packaged in a reusable plastic case. Remember to check your local laws regarding possession of lock picking tools. Pick responsibly.

  • 2 Hooks (a medium depth hook and a deep reach curve)
  • 2 Diamonds (a standard medium-sized half-diamond and an offset Deforest diamond)
  • 2 Rakes (a hollow half-diamond a.k.a. P-Nuckle and a Bogota-style wave rake)
  • 3 Long-head torsion tools (most suited to edge-of-the-plug placement)
  • 3 Small-head torsion tools (geared toward center-of-the-plug placement) all in differing thicknesses
  • TOOOL (The Open Organization Of Lockpickers) Instructional Slide Show : These slides are a brief introduction talk which conveys the basics about how pin tumbler locks work and how lockpicking is possible.