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Circuit Stickers Deluxe Kit

Circuit Stickers Deluxe Kit

Chibitronics brings you stickers that create awesome, creative LED circuits!


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Product #: MSBUN70

Circuit Stickers are a hands-on, reusable, and creative way to learn how to create electronic circuits with LEDs. These stickers can be used to create artwork, cards, body art, or to simply light up your life with some cool LEDs. The stickers press onto the circuit you create with any conductive material, like graphite, Bare Conductive paints, conductive thread or fabric, or even tinfoil! To start, you're supplied a roll of copper tape.

If you've never created circuits before, Chibitronics created the Circuit Sticker Sketchbook, a guidebook that will walk you through making basic LED circuits, DIY paper switches and a pressure sensor. You can complete the circuits right on the pages of the book-- like a coloring book except now you're coloring with electronics. When you're done, you will have an interactive sketchbook of functioning circuits!

This kit also includes more advanced stickers -- sensor stickers that will read light, sound, and touch, along with a programmable sticker! You get tons more LEDs stickers as well, some with effects like blinking, fading, or even a heartbeat!