Make: Magazine, Volume 86 - Print

Cosplay is the perfect gateway to making. What better way to celebrate fantasy worlds than to role-play as your favorite characters — and build versatile skills along the way! Plus 42 projects!

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Make: Volume 86 - Cosplay 

In the latest issue of Make: we show you how to use EVA foam to make realistic fake leather, weld together 3D prints for BIG armor builds, and use Bekonix’s easy drag-and-drop timelines to program cosplay lights, motors, and audio.

Then, take it further by conceptualizing your own original character from the ground up. Plus, star cosplayers share their favorite tools, techniques, and communities.

Includes 42 projects you can make: 

  • Create a camera obscura to view the upcoming solar eclipse
  • Sew versatile squishy sensors
  • Build your own gadget geocache puzzle
  • Save big $$ with a DIY photo light meter
  • Track periods and the lunar calendar offline with an illuminating display
  • How to 3D print in metal
  • And much more!