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Begode Mten Mini Electric Unicycle

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Color: Black

Tiny and Portable

The Begode Mten Mini excels in portability and potency. Equipped with a 11" wheel the Mten Mini is the smallest electric unicycle in the world. You can pop it in a backpack, stash it under your desk, or keep it on your passenger seat.  Now with a 98wh battery option (also comes in 180wh). This means it is technically legal to bring the battery on a plane.

Control and Fun

Nothing compares to the freedom and control that the Mten Mini provides. Its lightweight and elegant frame makes it easy to control. You think and it goes. As a result, tricking and idling are incredibly easy. Plus it's just plain fun gliding through the streets on a wheel that can fit in your backpack.

Commuters and Beginners

It’s small, and it’s fast, but who should ride it? For starters, any inner-city commuter would find the Mten Mini a blessing. Whether hopping out for a lunch break ride or riding home the Mten Mini is a great option for its small size, adequate speed, and 15-mile range. On the other hand, beginners have the room to play and to learn with a low price point and not too much power to wrangle.