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Japanese Crystal Puzzle - 51 Piece Japanese Interlocking Puzzle

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The Japanese Crystal Puzzle is based on the historical design of the same name created in Japan circa the 19th century. This dazzlingly ornate and intriguing construction is quite honestly one of the most challenging puzzles in our entire interlocking collection. Symmetrical, multifaceted, and celestial, the structure consists of 51 non-identical, interlocking bars.

Each piece is uniquely cut so they mesh together seamlessly to make a solid structure. Like many construction and/or interlocking puzzles, the key to unraveling the crystal’s mystery is to “unlock” one key piece. Afterward, there are precise steps that must be followed to unlock the rest of the 51 segments. After the bars have come apart, can you handle piecing it back together?

This top-level, mind-bendingly difficult puzzle is perfect for extreme puzzlers with loads of extra time on their hands. The Japanese Crystal Puzzle is ideal for honing focus, building patience, and developing spatial reasoning skills. After you’re done, display it on a bookshelf or coffee table!