Open Hardware Cables - Lego Wedo 2.0/Spike/Prime to DuPont

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Control Lego Spike and Prime motors and sensors with your micro:bit, Arduino, Raspberry Pi or other microcontroller.

All you need is the right cable! 

Over the years, Lego has made multiple cables for their electronics which are not backward compatible. If you have any old NXT/EV3 or Wedo 2.0, Spike, Powered Up electronics, we have a simple solution for you: Open Hardware Cables!

NXT/EV3 - Don’t throw out your old NXT and EV3 electronics, use them with your favorite microcontroller!  These cables make it easy.

Most Lego motors are simple DC motors so all you need to control them with a microcontroller is an H-Bridge.  The new Jetpack quickly adds an H-Bridge to your makey:bit.