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Robots are a quintessential maker passion. Whether you’re diving into a kit or building a bot from scratch, anyone can make a robot nowadays. Volume 55 shows you how to build an adorable, 3D-printed balancing bot, how to assemble a Strandbeest-style walker with Lego, and how to find the right robot kit for your needs with our handy overview of what’s on the market today. Plus, learn programming by playing with robots, and get started with a shared operating system designed specifically for robotic projects.

Plus, more than 24 projects, including:
  • Build a Harry Potter-themed lamp controlled by a Raspberry Pi-powered magic wand 
  • Make a sweet 3D-printed camera that snaps animated GIFs
  • Assemble a random yes/no circuit you can control with a hidden switch
  • Construct a dazzling LED-matrix handbag
And much more!