Make: Smart Family Super Bundle - Print

Perfect for the elementary and middle school-aged Maker, these toys, games, crafts, science, and electronics builds promote the essentials of STEAM learning while students have a great time creating items that they can really use.

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4 Great Books at One Great Price for the Holidays! Rainy days, snow days, Saturdays, after school—solved! With the hands-on projects and theory in this book set, kids and parents alike will learn how fun making can be, with creative skill-builders and easy to follow projects included, what will you Make?

Make: Action - Students and beginning Makers will find this book clearly explains the differences between the Arduino and Raspberry Pi, when to use them, and which purposes best suit each platform. You'll learn to control LEDs, motors of various types, solenoids, AC devices, heaters, coolers, displays, and sound — as well as commanding these devices over the Internet.

Make: Making Things Smart - Using Espruino, the Javascript for hardware, Making Things Smart teaches the fundamentals of the powerful ARM microcontroller by walking beginners and experienced users alike through easily assembled projects comprised of inexpensive, hardware-store parts. 

Make: Family Projects for Smart Objects -These days, it’s not much of a surprise that objects can sense things and communicate. Your phone is doing that right now! But what might be surprising is that it’s not at all hard or expensive to make a sensing, communicating object all by yourself. Perfect for the absolute beginner, the student, the teacher, the parent, and the homeschooler, this book walks you through every step you need to set up an Arduino, begin coding, and start exploring the world using the Internet of Things.

Make: Forrest Mims' Science Experiments - Written by the foremost amateur scientist practicing in the U.S. today, this book covers some of the many ways you can enter the world of amateur science. You'll learn the essential skills, methods, and procedures that you need to begin working, thinking, inquiring, and recording like a real scientist.