Marble Machine w/ Battery

The fun of a Marble Machine, miniaturized for your desk, now battery powered!

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Are you familiar with the Solar Marble Machine? Which has a clever circuit that delivers short bursts of energy collected by the solar cell to the gear wheel? 

This battery pack edition of the Marble Machine kit has splendid electromechanical appeal, delivering 8 steel balls down a laser-cut wood frame. Unlike its solar-powered cousin, it’s ready to run at your command. From your friendly makers at Solarbotics!


  • The battery pack provides hours of power to rotate the gear wheel that brings the marbles up to the top of the spiral
  • No-solder battery-powered construction.
  • Precision laser-cut fibreboard frame.
  • All electronic and structure parts included.
    • Note: Basic Tools, 2 x AAA batteries required

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