The Chomper Bot - A Make: Magic Kit

Make: Magic with Mario!

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Behold the amazing Chomper Bot! An original magic robotic creation developed by Mario the Maker Magician just for you!

As we progress further into the world of making magic we'll explore simple programming using a Microcontroller, creating a card trick and best of all, you'll get to make your very own Chomper Bot! 

Using the kit box as the "body", you'll craft and personalize your bot by cutting out and coloring the eye, mouth and teeth pieces (younger makers please use adult supervision when handling sharp items).

Next we'll introduce the hardware that makes your bot go, featuring the "guts" of our bot, the Microcontroller, servos and jumper wires! You'll need a computer with USB cable for the simple programming required to give life to your Chomper Bot and perform your incredible Magic Card Trick! 

Click here for Code, Build Instructions and Tips

 Parts Included in Kit:

  • Jumper Wires - 10pc
  • Microcontroller - UNO (Arduino Clone)
  • 9g Servos - Torque: 1.5 @ 4.8V; 2.0 kg/cm @ 6V
  • 9v Battery Pack w/ 2.1mm Barrel Plug & on/off Switch
  • 4" Round Cardboard "Eye"
  • Instruction Card with Video-Build-Along Link
  • 4" x 10" "Mouth/Teeth" Cutout Card
  • 3" x 5" Magic Trick Cards - 4pc
  • 1" Brad Clips - 2pc
  • 5" x 4" x 4" Box "Chomper Body"
  • Secret Swag

Items NOT INCLUDED but required for this kit: