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To get started, you'll need only what you can usually find in your home: items like paper, ziploc bags, index cards, coloring utensils, pencils, rubberbands, scissors, etc.

As we progress in the world of making magic, we'll explore how to use 3D design tools like Tinkercad (you can register for a free account at You don't need a 3D printer in your home! Libraries, schools, and makerspaces around the world have 3D printers you can use! Then we'll explore simple programming using Arduino!


  • Paperback : 128 pages
  • Reading level : 5 - 13 years

About the Author

Mario "the Maker Magician" Marchese and his wife and two children tour the country with his one-man magic theater performance, full of handmade magic and robotics. It's magic through the lens of the Maker Movement! Mario has appeared on Sesame Street, NBC's UniversalKids, as emcee of Make's Family Maker Camp, and live on tour with renowned magician David Blaine, who calls him "the best kids magician in the world!!"