DIY Theremin Kit

Create your own theremin in no time and then make beautiful and weird music.

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Named after the Soviet inventor, Léon Theremin, the theremin is an electronic musical instrument controlled without physical contact by the musician, instead the notes are "played" by moving the hands around the instrument.

Build Your Own Invention.



Create music & sound by waving your hands around electric fields! Check out Spooky Music  to Level up Your Halloween Décor 

Learn Science & Engineering.

Discover the physics of electrical capacitance and practice working with real electronic parts.

Easy to Follow Instructions.

Colorful 22 page instructional booklet. Build step by step, with breaks to check your work and learn how your circuit works.

No Tools Needed.

We make it easy to build your own DIY kits. Everything you need is in the box, featuring high-quality, solid parts. Start creating electronics without having to learn soldering, and simply place parts in the breadboard to connect. Yes, batteries included too!

  • Recommended Ages 10+
  • Small parts - Choking Hazard

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