Make: 3 Modes of Making - PDF

A maker education is not just be about creating things; it’s also about fostering a mindset that can tackle complex challenges across all subjects — and life.

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Start shaping the creative problem solvers of tomorrow!

 In Three Modes of Making, artist and educator Matt Zigler harnesses the benefits of imitation, modification, and innovation to provide a roadmap for empowering students to find success in a rapidly changing world.

 Instead of merely using maker skills to construct objects, Three Modes of Making explains how to teach students to tackle diverse challenges and apply maker skills toward creative problem solving. This essential guide provides the structure to transform your approach to teaching, including:

  • How to craft invaluable maker courses for high school and beyond
  • Concrete examples of engaging lessons, documentation, and effective assessment strategies
  • Sample courses designed around this innovative framework.

Don’t just teach a "maker education" — revolutionize it!