Make: Inventor's Super Bundle - Print

Perfect for the elementary and middle school-aged Maker, these projects, crafts, science, and electronics builds promote the essentials of STEAM learning while students have a great time creating items that they can really use.

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4 Great Books at One Great Price for the Holidays! Rainy days, snow days, Saturdays, after school—solved! With the fully illustrated hands-on projects in this book set, kids and parents alike will learn how fun making can be, with creative skill-builders and easy to follow projects included, what will you Make?

Make: Fun! - Professional toy inventor Bob Knetzger, whose creations have appeared on TV and in millions of cereal boxes, shares his secrets for turning everyday materials into toys, games, and clever amusements. This lavishly illustrated book is packed with more than 40 projects that show you how to work with simple electronics, mold and sculpt plastics, create your own metal forge, build toys that demonstrate scientific principles, and more. 

Make: Inventing a Better Mousetrap - On April 10, 1790, president George Washington signed a patent bill that recognized the right of an inventor to profit from his or her invention. There was a caveat: In order to receive a patent, the inventor first had to submit a small reproduction of the invention in question. For the next 90 years, inventors dutifully and ingeniously created small-scale replicas of their larger vision, many of which were displayed for the public to admire. In 1880, the model stipulation was amended and inventors no longer needed to invent their ideas in miniature. But by then, some 200,000 patent models had been built and submitted, many of which are still around today. Through fascinating historical tales, Mousetrap chronicles the stories, challenges, and triumphs of our country's first Makers.

Make: More Tinkering - Step-by-step instructions accompanied by full-color photos take you through a range of enjoyable projects that explore life sciences, physics, chemistry, earth sciences, and mathematics. You'll discover how math is used to make baskets, how fungi create fermentation, how electricity can make a magnet, how the greenhouse effect creates warming, and much more. Features more than three dozen fun and educational tinkering projects!

Make: Soft Robotics - A fun crafter/maker mash-up that approaches robots in new ways, enabling them to operate in environments that are unstructured or unstable and to perform tasks that require delicacy and malleability. These DIY projects are relatively affordable, accessible and achievable. It's all about engineering with soft materials -- silicone, cloth, balloons, flexible plastics -- what have you got on hand?