Make: Props and Costume Armor - Print

This book will show you how to create a great costume, armor, and all the props you need!

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For genuinely professional-looking props and costumes, all that’s really needed is a computer with an ordinary printer; materials that are readily available at a local hardware store, hobby store, and office supply center; and some patience.

This book helps you with everything except the patience part. You’ll have to supply that yourself!

Whether you want to emulate your favorite video game hero, comic book star, movie character, or a ninja of your own devising—this book will show you how to create great costume, armor, and all the props you need!

Projects Included

  • Use the Pepakura Designer software to sketch out realistic costume, props, and armor designs Use plastic, fiberboard, and pipe to create amazing effects
  • Turn anti-fatigue floor mats into realistic armor
  • Decide which home digital fabrication tool—a CNC mill or a 3D printer—is best, or even needed, for your job
  • Master mold-making basics and sophisticated rotocasting techniques
  • Use easy home vacuforming methods
  • This book even tells you how best to pose for pictures and interact with fans! 

Meet the Author

Shawn Thorsson is the founder of Thorsson & Associates Workshop. A lifelong tinkerer, he learned at a very young age that the best way to have the coolest toys is often to make them yourself. A hopeless Halloween addict and fan of all things science fiction and fantasy, Shawn's hobby of building prop and costume pieces for his own collection has long since gotten out of control. He now spends his days immersed in his workshop for countless hours turning whatever he can find into pure, concentrated awesome. Shawn and his props and armor have become a major attraction at the annual Maker Faire Bay Area. Today, his workshop regularly produces props, costumes, and set pieces for films, convention appearances, and collectors.