Maker Faire Powerbase Medallion

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Power Up! 

This awesome project debuted at this year's Maker Faire Bay Area in cooperation with PCBWay and and acts as a powerbase for Maker Medallion "face plates", such as our Robot Flashlight, Transistor Cat and LED Sugar Skull kits. You can also wire the included LED across the screws for a Makeshift blinky creation, or create your own Maker Medallion to use with the powerbase!

The powerbase features a coincell battery and includes a mini on/off switch. When the faceplates are attached to the powerbase, the screws act to complete the circuit and power up your project!


  • Maker Faire Powerbase Medallion (assembled)
  • 1 x CR2023 Coincell Battery
  • 2 x M3-0.5X6 Screws
  • 1 x 5mm RED Flashing LED
  • 1 x Strip Conductive Tape

Works with:

  • Make: Robot Transistor Flashlight Kit
  • Transistor Cat Kit
  • LED Flicker Lantern Kit
  • LED Christmas Tree
  • Standard LED