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Drones & Flight

The recent popularity of DIY Drones and Hobby Drones has literally taken off!

The Quadcopter is especially popular amongst hobbyists and amateur aerial photographers.  Maker Shed’s selection of hobby drones and quadcopter kits will get you flying high, and many of our products are designed to carry a camera (sold separately) to extend their functionality.

We have hobby drones for both indoor and outdoor use.  Check out our selection of RC quadcopters and DIY flying drones today!
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Crazyflie Nano Quadcopter Kits (10-DOF) UFO Quadcopter Brooklyn Aerodrome Flying Wing Kits ELEV-8 Quadcopters
Brooklyn Aerodrome Flying Wing Kit
Our Price: $298.99
Sale Price: $259.99
You save $39.00!
ELEV-8 Quadcopter
Our Price: $599.99
Sale Price: $564.99
You save $35.00!
The Crazyflie is an open source nano quadcopter kit designed for flexible development and hacking.…  More>

The UFO Quad with Camera is a great quad for intermediate flyers or those looking to do aerial photogr.…  More>

Fly in tight spaces, handle turbulence — even carry a camera — with this highly maneuverable… More>

This quadcopter is large enough for outdoor flight with room for payload and attachments …  More>

Rocket Glider Kits 3DR Quadcopter Kit Ornithopter Kit APM 2.6 Set, Side Entry - XT60 Connectors
Rocket Glider Kit
Our Price: $16.99
Ornithopter Kit
Our Price: $38.99
Folding wings enable this plane to rocket 60-70 feet into the air and soar long distances …  More>

This Quad kit is an autonomous, robotic platform that's great for aerial photography or  …  More>

For ages, mankind has looked at birds for inspiration for flight. The Gakken Ornithopter k…  More>

This APM is the most reliable and affordable autopilot system available for drones today.  …  More>

3DR Video/OSD System Kit Batbone Tri Kit 3DR uBlox GPS with Compass Kit ELEV-8 Crash Pack
3DR Video/OSD System Kit
Our Price: $188.99
ELEV-8 Crash Pack
Our Price: $44.99
Sale Price: $41.49
You save $3.50!
This Kit features everything needed to outfit your vehicle with onboard video transmission …  More>

The Batbone Tri 370 Kit is an airframe kit for tricopters that's built with durability in mind. …  More>

The 3DR uBlox GPS module is simple the best GPS solution for your drone.  …  More>

The ELEV-8 Crash Pack contains the most commonly damaged components for your quad…  More>

Brushless Outrunner Motor 1000Kv Propeller Activity Board 3DR Radio Telemetry Kit - 915MHz Delta Twister
Propeller Activity Board
Our Price: $49.99
Sale Price: $44.49
You save $5.50!
Delta Twister
Our Price: $41.99
Sale Price: $36.99
You save $5.00!
This Motor spins much slower than their inrunner counterparts while producing far more torque.  …  More>

Harnessing the power of the 8-core Propeller microcontroller is now easier than ever before!…  More>

This Radio Telemetry Kit allows you to control your drone remotely from your computer …  More>

This is a flying machine that, once assembled, will see your sense of satisfaction soar along wi…  More>

20 Amp ESC with SimonK Firmware Tenergy TB-6B Balance Battery Charger Anycopter Quad Kit Anycopter Tri Kit
Anycopter Quad 370 Kit
Our Price: $58.99
Anycopter Tri 370 Kit
Our Price: $58.99
This brushless 20amp ESC is an exact replacement for 3DR drones and is great for building  …  More>

This Battery Charger is great for RC enthusiasts that want to charge their batteries efficiently…  More>

This Quad Kit is an airframe kit for multirotors that's built with flexibility and durability in mind  …  More>

This Kit is an airframe kit for multirotors that's built with flexibility and durability in mind  …  More>

Multirotor Power Bundle GemFan 30A ESC 900 kV Motor/ESC 4-pack ELEV-8 LiPo Battery
Multirotor Power Bundle
Our Price: $154.91
900 kV Motor/ESC 4-pack
Our Price: $279.99
ELEV-8 LiPo Battery
Our Price: $29.99
This bundle is perfect for keeping those drone and flight projects in air for a long time! …  More>

This is a 30A ESC, ESCs are used on most RC equipment for controlling the speed of a brushless motor …  More>

This pack contains super vibration resistant, high quality motors and…  More>

The ELEV-8 Battery is a 3300 mAh, 3-cell LiPo battery, great for multirotors.…  More>

ELEV-8 Hex Upgrade Kit APC Propeller 10x4.7 Push-Pull Set Bulletproof Electronic Speed Control 4-Pack BESC Programming Card
ELEV-8 Hex Upgrade Kit
Our Price: $184.99
BESC Programming Card
Our Price: $14.99
With this Kit, transforming your ELEV-8 Quadcopter into a Hexcopter has never been easier…  More>

APC Propeller pack. Packet includes one Pusher and one Normal plus adapter ring for each. …  More>

Simply put the best ESC you can get for your multirotor. Period. Flashed with a custom SimonK…  More>

This Programming Card plugs in between your remote control receiver and the speed controller  …  More>

ELEV-8 Landing Gear 4-pack Gyroscope Module 3-Axis L3G4200D 3DR Iris Cyclone ARF Quadcopter Kits
3DR Iris
Our Price: $729.99
Cyclone ARF Quadcopter Kit
Our Price: $577.99
Make not being able to fly for days after a hard crash or landing a thing of the past! …  More>

With this Gyroscope Module angular rate and temperature data measurements can be…  More>

3DR Iris is perfect for any aerial imaging application, with a compact and durable design…  More>

The quadcopter is strong and is especially good for filming applications…  More>

Typhoon ARF Quadcopter Kits Team BlackSheep Core PNP25 FPV Board Hexcopter Bundle Micro UFO Quadcopters
Typhoon ARF Quadcopter Kit
Our Price: $455.99
Hexcopter Bundle
Our Price: $854.96
Micro UFO Quadcopter
Our Price: $45.99
This Quadcopter Kit is durable, it can handle rough flight and looks great in the air.…  More>

This supplies selectable 5V or 12V to video transmitter and fpv camera regardless of input volta…  More>

This bundle contain everything you need to make your own Hexcopter. Simply swap out the…  More>

This is a hand-sized, zippy quadcopter that with the press of a button perform loops and rolls…  More>

Motor 850Kv AC2830-358 with Prop Adapter
Motor 850Kv AC2830-358 with Prop Adapter is very reliable and creates a nice thrust  …  More>

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