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Color Night Joule Thief


Color Night Joule Thief
Color Night Joule Thief
Color Night Joule Thief

Color Night Joule Thief

Turn boring old darkness into an ambient experience with this portable mini mood light.


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Product #: MKLA1

The Color Night Joule Thief is a simple soldering project that lets you build a darkness activated color-changing light. The joule thief circuit only needs 0.6 volts to operate so a "nearly dead" battery will power it for quite a while. (We get it, you're not cheap, you're thrifty - that's why you were hanging on to almost-dead batteries. Well, here ya go - a use for them!) The circuit features adjustable darkness sensitivity and an RGB led that automatically cycles through a rainbow of colors. It's a terrific first soldering project.


The picture shows three kits, cycling through all light colors. One joule thief per kit is included - you'll have to buy multiples or steal one from a friend if you want more.


The Joule Thief is a kit designed by one of our favorite electronics artists, The LED Artist - a Brooklyn, NY based technology artist. His name is really Akimitsu Sadoi and he engineers and manufactures some very cool stuff.

  • Compact & streamlined design
  • Uses only one AA battery (or any 1.5V battery you can hook up to)
  • Easily adaptable to different size batteries - hook up holes to attach home made clips
  • A multicolor/color changing LED
  • Automatic turn on via a light sensor (adjustable sensitivity level)
  • Energy efficient - works even with a run-down battery, down to 0.6V
  • Makes a mood light
  • Perfect first soldering project!