Helping Hands w/ Magnifying Glass

Helping Hands w/ Magnifying Glass

Great for projects such as jewelry, soldering, fly making — any time you need an extra hand!


The legendary Helping Hands live up to their name. They lend a helping hand to all kinds of projects; jewelry, soldering, fly making, etc! Forget the days of having your circuit board slide around on the table or putting a soldering iron in your mouth to get a third hand, use the helping hands instead! The handy magnifying glass is perfect for up close examination (or burning ants.) Articulated gator clips and magnifier ensure you will always be working at a convenient angle.

  • 6 Ball Joints That Lock at Any Angle
  • Nickel-plated Fittings
  • 2x Power Magnifying 2.5" Glass Lens
  • Two Alligator Spring Clips
  • Magnifier, Clips and Joints Rotate 360 degrees!
  • Heavy Cast-Iron Base
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