Make: Halloween, 1Ed

Make: Halloween, 1Ed

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Over 40 projects — from the craftiest costumes to animated props and haunted house effects … More>

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MAKE: Special Issue: Halloween Edition (PDF)

In 2007 we released a special Halloween edition of MAKE and we sold thousands. Our warehouse gang tell us we still have some remaining stock. Here's your chance to get this classic!

DIY HALLOWEEN from the editors of MAKE and CRAFT brings you 40-plus DIY projects for the holiday that's made for makers. From the craftiest costumes to amazing animated props and the latest in computer-controlled haunted house effects.

  • Headless Marie Antoinette costume
  • Mechanical ghosts and ghouls
  • LED and laser jack-o'-lanterns
  • Creature makeup and blood-spurting wounds
  • DIY coffins and tombstones
  • T. Rex rooftopper
  • Flaming LED skulls Kid-tested haunted house tricks
  • A special "Ghoulbox" section with Halloween kits, tools, and gadgets.
  • Plus demonic decorations, hideous party snacks, and profiles of extraordinary makers and their creepy crafts.