MAKE Year 5: eBook Set (PDF)

MAKE Year 5: eBook Set (PDF)

This collection includes volumes 17-20 of MAKE, each available as an individual PDF downloads. Don't miss out on this stellar year!


Product #: EMKY05

Just like our very popular MAKE box sets, we have created eBook sets of MAKE Magazine. These downloadable collections include (4) volumes of MAKE, each available as an individual PDF download.

MAKE: Year 5 eBook Set includes:
Volume 17 (PDF)
» Lost Knowledge
Make like it's 1899, with the wondrous Wimshurst spark generator, Florence Siphon coffee brewer, and teacup Stirling engine. Plus, how-tos on classic balsa glider, optical bass, stealth microphone, and more.
Volume 18 (PDF)
» ReMake America
Reboot your homestead with an automated garden controller, Tweet-A-Watt energy monitor, solar hot water, micro irrigation, off-grid laundry, LED lighting, and more. Plus: 1-ton servo, micro forge,
32 projects in all.
Volume 19 (PDF)
» Robots
Make your own autopilot drone plane, build a sonar-guided Makey robot, and learn to use servomotors. Plus: bicycle speed vest, plywood chair, mini fume extractor, surfboard, solar jewelry, and more.
Volume 20 (PDF)
» For Kids of All Ages
Mythbuster Adam Savage kicks off 23 fun projects: hydrogen-oxygen rocket, sleek model sailboat, lunchbox laser show, 10-rocket launcher, marble computer, snow splitboard, many more.