Real Star Planetarium


Real Star Planetarium
Real Star Planetarium
Real Star Planetarium

Real Star Planetarium

Crave the starry sky but live in the city? Build your own!


Product #: MKGK44

Using a small light bulb and a micro-perforated dodecahedron (we know, that's a mouthful... but a very cool shape) you can put the northern hemisphere onto your walls.


Downloadable English instructions (Gakken kits come with fully illustrated Japanese instructions) provides additional customizations, such as cutting the base off to turn the projector into a ceiling lamp or star globe (to place into a stand like a regular earth globe.)

  • Self-assembly pinhole home planetarium kit
  • Automatically turns for 15 minutes
  • Ships with Volume 39 of Gakken Otona no Kagaku magazine
  • Basic tools required for construction
  • Instructions are in Japanese (with diagrams)
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