Make: Folding Wing Rocket Glider Kit


Make: Folding Wing Rocket Glider Kit
Make: Folding Wing Rocket Glider Kit

Make: Folding Wing Rocket Glider Kit

This glider can soar up to 70 feet in the air! The kit teaches basic aerodynamics and simple engineering.


Product #: MKRS2

The Rocket Glider Kit is not your average balsa wood airplane. Originally designed by Jim Walker in the late 1930s, this glider has wings that fold back, allowing it to become more streamlined. This unique twist enables the glider to rocket 60 to70 feet into the air using the included rubber band. At the peak of the climb the wings fold back out, allowing the glider to soar over long distances.


The excellent flight characteristics of the glider even attracted the US military. During WWII they were used as target drones for machine gun practice (which is NOT a use we recommend.) This captivating kit appeals to nearly anyone because it's a remake of vintage technology and is fun for the whole family.


Please note: Glue and a hobby knife are required for assembly.

  • Very fine sand paper (if hand cutting)
  • Cut and slotted balsa for wings and fuselage.
  • 1/8" acrylic wing pivot
  • 2 - dowels - 1/8" (1/2" long) for wing stop- 1/4" (6" long) for catapult
  • Wire rod (straddle wire)
  • Stiff plastic tubing (3/16" 4.8m)
  • Aluminum wing clips
  • One American penny (for nose weight.)
  • Sandpaper
  • Requires glue and a hobby knife for assembly (not included.)