Make: How to Make a Robot Kit


The How to Make a Robot Kit allows you to build an Arduino based robot from scratch.

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The Make: roBot uses the Arduino programmable microcontroller to make it smart. Let's Build a Robot!  

This kit shows off the five core functions of robots:
● Tai Chi Bot replicates a set pattern of pre-programed
● Touch-and-Go Bot uses "whiskers" to navigate its
● Bat Bot sends out sound waves to avoid obstacles.
● Remote Bot - Lets you use a TV remote to control it.
● Line Bot follows a line drawn on poster board.

Please visit HERE for code files cited in book

Basic soldering skills are recommended, and you'll want to brush up on your Arduino programming skills. Otherwise, you don't need any prior experience to create your own Make: roBot!

 What's in the Box?

Make: How to Make a Robot Handbook 1
Arduino Microcontroller UNO R3 1
USB-A Male to USB-B Male Cable* 1
400-Point Solderless Breadboard 1
9V Battery Snap with Barrel Plug 1
4x AA Battery Holder with Wired Connector 1
Flexible-wire Jumpers Male to Male (10pcs) 1
Flexible-wire Jumpers Male to Female (10pcs) 1
70-piece solid-wire jumper wire kit 1
Continuous Rotation Servo 2
Boe-Bot/Sumobot Wheel/Tire Set 2
Piezo Transducer 1
Snap Action Switch 2
HC-SR05 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor 1
38 kHz Infrared Receiver 1
QTR-1A Reflectance Sensor (2-Pack) 1
LED Bi-Color Green/Red 10
Resistor 330 Ohm 1/4 Watt 10
3M Tartan Vinyl Electrical Tape Roll 1
  • Recommended Ages 10+
  • Small parts - Choking Hazard


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