Make: How to Make a Robot Kit

Make: How to Make a Robot Kit


The how to Make a Robot Kit is available for preorder. Your order will ship the week of 04/05.

The How to Make a Robot Kit allows you to build an Arduino based robot from scratch.


The Make:Bot uses the Arduino programmable microcontroller to
make it smart. The Arduino is inexpensive and easy to use.

The Make:Bot is really five robots in one, which show the five
core functions of robots:
● Tai Chi Bot replicates a set pattern of pre-programed
● Touch-and-Go Bot uses "whiskers" to navigate its
● Bat Bot sends out sound waves to avoid obstacles.
● Remote Bot - Lets you use a TV remote to control it.
● Line Bot follows a line drawn on poster board.
Let's Build a Robot!

Basic soldering skills are recommended, and you'll want to brush up on your Arduino programming skills. Otherwise, you don't need any prior experience to create your own Make:Bot!


What's in the Box?

Make: How to Make a Robot Handbook 1
Arduino Microcontroller UNO R3 1
USB-A Male to USB-B Male Cable* 1
400-Point Solderless Breadboard 1
9V Battery Snap with Barrel Plug 1
4x AA Battery Holder with Wired Connector 1
Flexible-wire Jumpers Male to Male (10pcs) 1
Flexible-wire Jumpers Male to Female (10pcs) 1
70-piece solid-wire jumper wire kit 1
Continuous Rotation Servo 2
Boe-Bot/Sumobot Wheel/Tire Set 2
Piezo Transducer 1
Snap Action Switch 2
HC-SR05 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor 1
38 kHz Infrared Receiver 1
QTR-1A Reflectance Sensor (2-Pack) 1
LED Bi-Color Green/Red 10
Resistor 330 Ohm 1/4 Watt 10
3M Tartan Vinyl Electrical Tape Roll 1
Required Tools:
• Wire strippers
• Safety glasses
• Soldering iron (and solder)
• Needle nosed pliers
• Utility Knife
• Wire cutters
• Hot glue gun and glue sticks (high temp)
• Ruler
• Small Phillips Screw Driver

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