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The hottest trend right now in the maker movement is wearable technology, and in Volume 43 of Make: we take a deeper look at the latest developments in the field. We highlight everything from building your own smart watch, to utilizing brainwave sensors in your project, to making a performance enhancing exoskeleton, to flexible circuits. Explore the latest in microcontrollers, tiny computers, and prototyping boards, where new releases are regularly and greatly increasing the electronics power we have at our fingertips.


In the Electronics and Wearables Issue:

  •  Latest in microcontrollers, tiny computers and prototyping boards
  • Behind the scenes look at Intel’s development of microcontrollers, including:
-Galileo Gen 2 board
-New Edison Module

  • A look at the latest expansion boards
  • How to build an open source smart watch
  • How the Raspberry Pi Compute Module is shaking things up
  • FLORA and GEMMA board projects



Suitably inspired? Head over to the Make: wearables collection, and get Making!