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A microcentrifuge is an essential piece of equipment that is used in every life science research laboratory in the world. A microcentrifuge is a small toaster-sized device that can spin tubes ((0.5 mL, 1.5 mL, 2.0 mL)) at very high speeds. This process allows you to separate different components in your tubes and is an important part of doing science.

This microcentrifuge can hold up to 12 microcentrifuge tubes at a time and spin at 15,000 RPM (~14,000 x g). It has a timer, so you set a time, start the centrifuge, and with the timer reaches zero, it will automatically stop spinning.

This microcentrifuge comes with all the accessories you need to get going right away: rotor, power supply & wrench.

The microcentrifuge ships in 2-3 weeks after you place your order. If you require yours for a specific date or event, please contact us before you order to see what we can do.